I’m so stretched out at the moment! Currently developing at 3 different places. As soon as Blue is done, I’ll finish these projects before doing any purely Palooka stuff. Busy busy busy!


I’ve always been a Blender guy, but my animation class has converted me to Maya. What a program! So powerful. I’m never going back.

Unity doesn’t seem to work as well on Windows 8. It’s pretty annoying. Or maybe I’m just going crazy.

My old laptop wasn’t cutting it anymore, so I got a sexy new development machine today! It’s a beast. It’ll take a while to move everything across, but when I do it’ll really make everything easier for me. Especially with uni starting up soon.

I start back at uni next week! But not to fret, I’ll keep working hard on my games, too. I may actually end up dropping a few classes so that I can focus on development.

Blurgh, screw it, I’m redoing the menu. The scripts don’t work, so I’ve scrapped it. I didn’t much care for the menu anyway. I’ll make Menu 2.0 the sexiest damn menu you’ve ever seen.

Here’s a little part of a WIP opening cinematic. :) Sorry about the quality. Youtube and I don’t seem to get along.