Hi all! :) I haven’t posted for ages, huh? Rest assured, my development is still going strong.

Ah, so, I finished Blue. Like, finished finished. I really liked the concept, but the execution fell shorter than my expectations. So, I decided to not release it. Depressing, I know. I’ve just taken it as a learning experience, and I’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

I am developing something right now, but it’s far too early in development to release any info about. You know, that’d be like telling people you’re pregnant during your first trimester. But watch this space! It’s something small-ish, so info should be here soon.

On that note, have a good day, and come back soon.

– Josh

Sorry for the severe lack of updates! Uni is keeping me busy. I’m currently redoing the river stage of Blue, since the original one was ugly and made me cry. Things are slow because of uni, but slow progression is better than none!

I did it! Oh my god, I finally got those OnMouseDown scripts working. For some reason it was picking up a collider right behind the objects instead. I just had to disable the collider, since it wasn’t used for anything. Woo!!

I actually feel quite silly, considering I wrote up a huge script to try and fix it, yet the solution was so simple.

That last 10% of a game takes 90% of the time. Whoever came up with that one knew what they were talking about. Strictly speaking, Blue is technically finished. I’m just not 100% happy with it yet.

Blurgh, screw it, I’m redoing the menu. The scripts don’t work, so I’ve scrapped it. I didn’t much care for the menu anyway. I’ll make Menu 2.0 the sexiest damn menu you’ve ever seen.

Here’s a little part of a WIP opening cinematic. :) Sorry about the quality. Youtube and I don’t seem to get along.


I’m having some serious programming errors in the menu. No scripts involving the mouse want to work anymore. Kinda tearing my hair out over it, but I’ll figure it out.